Our Curriculum
























... is broad and balanced


  •  It is designed to reflect our local community and broaden children’s knowledge and understanding of global communities, events and issues both past and present.

  • It will prepare and equip children for life in an ever changing world

  • We  provide opportunities for experiential and practical learning

  • Children will develop problem solving and enquiry skills


... has themes and topics that inspire,

interest and excite learners and learning


  • Cross curricular Themes and Topics enable us to plan learning within a relevant context.

  • We support children to apply and further develop English and Maths skills through the acquisition of knowledge, skills and understanding in other curriculum areas

  • Some subjects e.g Science or Religious Education may  be taught as a discrete unit where links with the Topic are not obvious.


Long term planning


  • Broad whole school Themes are identified (shown in the table below)

  • These themes are organised on a 2 year cycle to facilitate our mixed year group classes.


Topic  planning


From these themes, we identify phase group Topic headings that enable phase group teacher teams to use their own professional discretion, creativity and expertise within a consistent framework.  See Curriculum Maps link on the individual phase group pages.



  • All Topics have English as their main focus using core fiction and non-fiction texts that cover all genres over the course of a year  All Topics have a second focus which is different each half term

  • We identify additional learning opportunities to match each Topic that will enhance children’s learning experiences and contribute to their Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural development.

  • We use our  outdoor environment to support all areas of learning



EYFS Topics are planned according to children's interests and needs and so are decided on as we progress through the year.




Celebrating Learning


We celebrate learning in all curriculum areas through displays in classrooms and shared areas of the school.   


Each phase group holds a Curriculum Showcase event  at the end of every half term.  This is an opportunity for Parents and Carers to see and experience children’s learning for themselves.  See our school  Newsletter for details of dates and times and examples of Learning highlights.  


You can find out more about our curriculum  including the End of Year expectations for children in different subject areas by going to the phase group areas of this website using the links above: 



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